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Daikin Ductless Heat Pumps

Serving all of South Shore, NS for Sales & Service

South Shore HVAC NS Daikin Ductless Heat Pumps
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    Financing available for 3-10 years (Nova Scotia Power program)
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    $200+ rebate available for cold climate heat pumps
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    Peace of mind: Canada’s longest heat pump warranty (12-years)
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    Single Zone system pricing starting at $4,000 Installed
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    Models efficient down to -20°C and lower!
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    Risk-Free In-Home Consultations to answer your questions

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Heat Pump Financing & Rebates

South Shore HVAC is an approved heat pump contractor with Nova Scotia Power's on-bill financing program.  

Daikin heat pumps qualify for a $200+ rebate for oil and electrically heated homes through Efficiency Nova Scotia.

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    Competitive interest rates and terms 3 to 10 years
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    $200+ rebates available for oil and electrically heated homes

Schedule an appointment with us to get started with a heat pump financing application and to learn how to get pre-approved for Efficiency Nova Scotia's Green Heat rebate.

South Shore HVAC NS Heat Pump Financing & Rebates
NS Power
Efficiency NS
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Great Home


Ductless heat pumps are an easy retro fit and improve resale value of your home.


Affordable Heating

Uniform heating for less money even at temperatures as low

as -20°C and below.

Air Conditioning & Dehumidification

Stay cool and dry next summer with a Daikin ductless

mini-split heat pump

Cold Climate Ready 
For NS Winters

One of the most efficient brands below -20°C. Perfect for South Shore, NS Winters

Is a heat pump the right choice
for your home?

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