Daikin Heat Pumps

Heat pumps absorb the natural warmth from the air outside and deliver it throughout your home. They warm during the winter months and cool during the summer. Heat pumps are rapidly gaining popularity, and for good reason. They're reliable, efficient and offer the best of heating and cooling in one system.

During the winter, heat pumps deliver a steady, even heat and can reduce your home heating bill by up to 60%. In the summer, they not only cool the air but dehumidify and cleanse it of allergens, dust and pollen, while being up to 2x as efficient as standard air conditioning units. They will also keep the bugs out during the summer months, as the home can be cooled without the need to open a single window.

All Daikin’s heat pumps utilize variable speed Inverter compressor technology that automatically adjusts the performance of the system's compressor to match the required demand to meet your desired temperature. These precise adjustments ensure your heat pump is always running at the lowest possible level of energy consumption, saving you money on your power bill.

Properly installed, a heat pump will provide a long and dependable life expectancy and are both easy to maintain and highly reliable.

As registered Daikin Comfort Pro Dealers, South Shore HVAC are highly trained in the products, installation, and service of Daikin's entire line of heat pumps.
Our expert installation and maintenance will ensure the efficiency and lifespan of your heat pump is maximized and that you will enjoy quality, affordable climate control for years to come.

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