Choosing a Heat Pump

Daikin carries a range of heat pumps to address specific home and business needs. When choosing which model is right for you, there are several factors to consider.

The SEER Number (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) of a heat pump is one of the most important figures to consider. The higher this number the better, as it is an indication of the amount of cold air your pump is capable of generating per unit of energy used.

Another important number to consider is the heat pump's HSPF Number (Heating and Seasonal Performance Factor). This number is the ratio between the total area of space in which heating is required to the energy used to generate that heat. Like the SEER Number, the higher this number the better.

Your heat pump can either be ducted, that is connected to your property's existing central air ducts, or ductless, in which interior wall-mounted units are independently connected to outside parts.

Ducted heat pumps are better suited for environments in which the temperature remains relatively constant, and for larger, open areas such as stores or public facilities.
Ductless units will provide you with independent control of indoor temperatures in every room in which one is installed. This can be more energy-efficient than using one heat pump to manage your central air.

Ductless heat pumps come in Split and Multi-split varieties. In Split models, one indoor unit is connected to one outdoor unit. Multi-splits connect a single outdoor unit to multiple (up to five) indoor units. Splits provide a simple solution for single rooms at an affordable price point. Multi-split units enable individual room temperature control and allows you to utilize units of different styles and capacities for unique solutions to match your property's specific needs.

Daikin also offers a line of heat pumps that have integrated hot water heating systems, available in a range of power levels for both domestic and commercial applications.

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